Destination Wedding R+M

When Rosie contacted us to help her with her wedding plans, we couldn’t have been happier. Most brides have exactly what they want in mind, and this was Rosie’s case. Getting married in her childhood holiday destination in Spain was her chosen venue with  beautiful weather and a place full of memories that she wanted to share with all of her guests.

Our part in all of this was making her dreams, ideas and plans happen. Making sure everything was how they both wanted and finding local suppliers, making everything much easier and coordinating everything before and on the actual day. Music, transport, translations, decor, wine selection are just a few examples of what we helped them prepare. And to be honest, it couldn’t have turned out better.

Here are some pics of the day we would like to share with you

 photo Rosie amp Matthew 0220 copy Jimena Roquero Photography-L_zpshaxtlnhw.jpg

 photo Rosie amp Matthew 0008 copy Jimena Roquero Photography-XL_zpsfvrmlddv.jpg

 photo Rosie amp Matthew 0785 copy Jimena Roquero Photography-L_zps3oapimkt.jpg

 photo Rosie amp Matthew 0812 copy Jimena Roquero Photography-L_zps79wghyu4.jpg

 photo Rosie amp Matthew 0780 copy Jimena Roquero Photography-L_zpshm8l0t0f.jpg

 photo Rosie amp Matthew 0753 copy Jimena Roquero Photography-L_zpsmgnfafvn.jpg

 photo Rosie amp Matthew 0743 copy Jimena Roquero Photography-L_zpsaojlpqc8.jpg

 photo Rosie amp Matthew 0505 copy Jimena Roquero Photography-L_zpss5gllump.jpg

 photo Rosie amp Matthew 0158 copy Jimena Roquero Photography-L_zps3khvg3f2.jpg

 photo Rosie amp Matthew 0797 copy Jimena Roquero Photography-L_zpsctzy8alr.jpg

 photo Rosie amp Matthew 0795 copy Jimena Roquero Photography-L_zpspaj22seg.jpg

 photo Rosie amp Matthew 0754 copy Jimena Roquero Photography-L_zps2lnh3hv1.jpg

 photo Rosie amp Matthew 0748 copy Jimena Roquero Photography-L_zpsrgukjfmp.jpg

 photo Rosie amp Matthew 0782 copy Jimena Roquero Photography-L_zpsyukeryzk.jpg

 photo RosieampMatthew0737copyJimenaRoqueroPhotography-L_zps08dc1ec0.jpg

 photo RosieampMatthew0708copyJimenaRoqueroPhotography-L_zps343fb06b.jpgFotos By Jimena Roquero


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